A welcoming community

Come and join us as we learn to worship God and serve each other and our local community.

We are an inclusive, Anglican Parish in Swanbourne, Western Australia, that looks to engage with contemporary life while honouring tradition and scripture. We believe in colour and drama and symbol; that worship should inspire and challenge us; and in being transformed through encountering the mystery of God. We welcome pilgrims and visitors; explore and enjoy!

We believe that Christianity is a way of people coming to life in the fullness of their humanity. In whatever encounter he had, Jesus shattered the boundaries people had erected around themselves and others and brought promise, blessing and forgiveness to those who had been diminished or broken in life. We long to do the same.

The Church of the Resurrection is growing a vibrant musical tradition, where music lies at the heart of our worship. Come and discover new musical settings for ancient hymns of praise, listen to psalms as they should be heard (sung and not spoken!), and have your senses awakened to the colour and drama of God's world.

Service times

Sunday Eucharists Sung Eucharist every Sunday morning at 9:00 am, except for the fourth Sunday of every month, when there is a Choral Mass with sermon at 9:00am.

Choral Mass featuring special music sung by the Mapstone Scholars on the fourth Sunday of each month at the 9.00am service.

Midweek Eucharist Every Wednesday morning at 9.30am

What we offer

The variety of activities at the church means there is always something for everyone.

We welcome and encourage you to join in our rich sacramental life. From ceremonies marking important life commitments, like weddings, baptisms, and funerals, through to serving at the altar, we offer many ways for you to be involved in a colourful community.

Our worshipping community is entirely inclusive and family friendly. Welcome begins with an understanding that all of us are surprising guests at God’s table. Full of colour, mystery, and question, our community extends a warm welcome to you, wherever you happen to be on life's journey.

We offer many opportunities for education, and personal and spiritual growth. These include study courses that we offer during Lent and Advent, quiet days, and parish retreats. Learning means that we are a community of disciples, always growing, always stepping forward on our journey into God.

About the church

The Church of the Resurrection combines ancient tradition with contemporary expression.

Originally consecrated in 1924 as St Oswald's, an English Victorian-style church, the building was devastated by fire in 2004. The newly rebuilt church is an award-winning building that stunningly combines the old with the new. The church is flooded with light, and cleverly combines a traditional ecclesiastical look with clean, contemporary interiors.

In June 2011, the new Church of the Resurrection was consecrated by Archbishop Roger Herft. The name given by the Archbishop looks towards the future, one that takes us beyond hurt, frustration, and damage, and into a new sense of hope and vitality. It is a reminder that we are to live as a resurrection people, not trapped in a frozen history.

Local artists and artisans were employed to design and create the feature pieces of the Church – including two beautiful altars, one of Italian glass and the other in Rosso Levanto marble; a compelling processional cross; and some beautiful walnut wooden pieces, including the lectern and the sedilia.