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The Church of the Resurrection
Anglican Parish of Swanbourne-Mt Claremont

Postal address
PO Box 6270, Swanbourne WA 6010

105 Shenton Rd, Swanbourne WA 6010
Phone +61 8 9385 2236
Office hours: 9:00am–12:00pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please leave message or email as appropriate.

For urgent Pastoral matters, please contact
Rev. Eileen Warby
0419 538 006

Meet the team

A who's who of the parish.

Rector / Reverend

As we have entered a time of interregnum, we have no Rector.

Jo Heptinstall

Parish administrator

The Reverend Eileen Warby

Honorary Deacon

Jim Gallagher

Church Warden

Church Warden

Church Warden

Currently Vacant

Director of Music

Church Warden

Sandra Hughes

Church Council Secretary and Church Councillor

Church Council Secretary and Church Councillor